Integrated Solar Street Light – The Choice of The World

In the previous years, street lamp is a relatively good product to provide road lighting. Now the country is vigorously promoting environmental protection, the high need of electricity and maintenance cost can not be ignored. 


So solar street Lights gradually begin to replace the city circuit lights with the development of times and technology. Why do people prefer integrated solar street light?


Energy saving, environmental protection
It is the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy which is inexhaustible.
Long working life
It is a high-tech product with reliable quality.
 Easy installation
It could be installed by untrained workers within 5 minutes.
 Wide range of applications
Solar energy comes from nature. Once there are sunshine, it can be used.

Suntisolar Integrated Solar Street Lights have the advantages of quality, performance, appearance and costs. We have been recognized by customers all over the world. Roads in Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and so on have been illuminated by our products.