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1. Outline

Our all-in-one solar street light of Z86 series is designed with highly efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel, LED light source, lithium battery, camera monitoring and highly efficient MPPT controller with independent innovation patent. The modular design has a protection level of IP65. Working hours and working control mode can be configured via our system control software.

Integrated solar street light is compliant with general safety and test manufacture standard, and is a new type of green environmental protection solar lights.

1.1 Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, damp and heat resistant, good seal performance.

1.2 No need electricity, quick start, high luminous, visual reality, no-flicker, without any damage to eyes and skin.

1.3 Selection of independent R&D integrated high power LED light source with a continuous working period of 50, 000 hours and a service life of 10 years. Customers do not need to change the light source within its total service life.

1.4 Battery with long service life is used with a charging-discharging cycle of more than 2, 000 times. The service life can be up to 8 to 10 years.

1.5 Self-developed MPPT controller has been adopted with high efficiency, high precision of constant current and longer continuous rainy days .

1.6 Saving 70% electricity than high pressure sodium lamp under the same illuminance.

1.7 Convenient installation and quantity of light source can be chosen according to different power levels.

1.8 Environmental protection and energy saving, high stability, realize the true sense of green environmental protection and energy saving lighting.

2. Attention

Please read the instructions carefully before operation to avoid any damage of failure.

2.1 Please avoid falling of the light or falling of any other objects on the light.

2.2 Please do not immerse the light into water.

2.3 Please do not wipe the light with detergent inclusive of ammonium hydroxide, benzene or abraser.

2.4 Please recharge the light every 6 months to retain service life of the battery in case of long-time storage.

2.5 Please avoid to put the lights under the shadow of houses, trees and other obstacles, which will reduce the efficiency of solar panel generation, resulting in decrease of working efficiency.

2.6 When install the lights at south, east or west of the road, the head angle should be adjusted to 15°, when install the light in the north of the road, the head angle should be adjusted to 10°.

2.7 Please check the products carefully before use, if found abnormal phenomenon in use, please contact with our company timely.

2.8 Please do not open the lampshade or loose screw, which will destroy waterproof performance of lamps.

2.9 Please clear the surface (dust, grease, leaves, etc.) regularly and keep a clean surface of the solar panels to guarantee high generation efficiency.


Serial No.






For connection between light and pole


For supporting light

LED light source


Solar panel

For battery recharging

Heat emission hole

For ventilation and heat emission

Aluminum framework

For load bearing of light

Connection board

Angle of sleeve can be adjusted via mobile connection board

Camera Switch

Turn on/off the Camera

3. Operation and Storage Temperature

3.1 Discharging temperature range of the light is -20℃ to 60℃ and recharging temperature range is 0℃ to 60℃. When the temperature is below 0℃ or exceeds 60℃, the controller will stop recharging automatically for battery protection purpose.

3.2 Please ensure that extreme working temperature of the project site shall not exceed above temperature range.

3.3 Please store the lights within -20℃ to 45℃.

4. Instruction for Installation

4.1 Component description 

Diagram for Remote Installation of Components


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